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In the field of R&D and experiment, the company also has strong R&D and experiment strength, with a total of 500m laboratories ², In the field of microwave testing, we have successively introduced 8 domestic and foreign network analyzers with a maximum frequency of 110GHz, and equipped with a high-frequency high-power capacity test system, which has the only millimeter wave and hundred-watt level test capability in the industry. In 2019, we established a joint microwave laboratory with the School of Electrical Engineering of Harbin University of Technology. In the field of environment and basic performance, it has more than 180 sets of advanced testing equipment, including high and low temperature cycling test chamber, high and low temperature impact test chamber, high-precision coating thickness gauge, etc., covering the requirements of GJB, IEC and other standards. It has established a first-class and internationally leading testing center for high-precision coaxial cables, special cables, cable assemblies and microwave passive components.

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