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Company profile

In the field of low-loss stable phase cable, many products pass through It has obtained 8 patents and reached the world first Into the level.

In the field of nuclear power has participated in including Pakistan C1, C2, C3, qinshan Phase I renovation and other important projects.


Shanghai Xin Xun Microwave Technology Co., Ltd. is professional in the design and manufacture of a broad portfolio of high-performance coaxial radio frequency cables. We were incorporated in Shanghai in 1990. In addition, we obtain a factory over 4000㎡and have a professional team of more than 56 people, which including 2 senior engineers and 10 first tier management people. We focus on key strategic markets including low loss RF cable, RF cable, nuclear communication cable, RF Coaxial Connector, cable assembly, and many special cables including but not limited to various fluoroplastics, silicone and low-smoke non-halogen. Our products play a fundamental role in many important nuclear power products, including C1, C2, C3 in Pakistan, and the reconstruction of No.1 Qinshan Nuclear Power Station. In addition, many of our nuclear products have passed the MSLB test. Our product portfolio includes both general-purpose products used by a broad range of customers and applications, as well as application-specific products designed for specific clusters of customers in key target markets. We produce and market more than 10,000 km wires and cables every year. By using our readily available, high-performance products, customers can reduce the time they need to bring new products to market.


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