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Company profile
Shanghai xin xun Microwave Technology Co., Ltd
xinxun microwave 1990

Shanghai xin xun Microwave Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-end coaxial cable cable companies, covers an area of 4000m2, the current number of 56 employees, including management and engineering and technical personnel 10 people, senior engineer.

We,Shanghai Xin Xun Microwave Technology Co.,Ltd.,founded in 1990,(formerly known as Shanghai Innovation High Temperature Cable Factory) is specialized is engaged in the low loss RF cable,RF cable,stationary phase signal communication cables for nuclear power,special high temperature resistant cable,RF coaxial connector,cable assembly and microwave passive components manufacturing enterprises. The products are special and professional,and are well known in some areas and fields.The company also obtained ISO9001 and GJB9001 quality systems in 2016,and Obtain the qualification of high-tech enterprises by the end of 2018.Currently,the company owns 24patents in China.There are 56 employees in the company,and 2 of them have senior professional title and 5 have intermediate professional titles.
The company has 8 patents regarding to the low loss and stable phase cable,and many products are certified with world advanced level. In the field of microwave radio frequency cable, our company has taken leadership in many important projects,such as the localization of high-performance RF coaxial cable in CETC No.40 Research Institution,XXX type radar supporting project,and High performance test level cable components project in CETC No.41 Research Institution,etc.In the field of nuclear power,we also took part in the Project C1,C2,C3,C4 in Pakistan and the reconstruction of phase 1 Qinshan Nuclear Power Station. Many of our nuclear communication cables passed the MSLB simulation accident test. We can design and produce customized products according to different requirements. In terms of production,our company has advanced wire and cable manufacturing technology and equipment,perfect testing means,modern production control and strict technical requirements,to ensure the quality of the product.In early 2013,a joint microwave laboratory was established by our company and College of Electrical & Electronic Engineering of Harbin University of Science & Technology for frequent discussion and study of technical.
In the field of microwave passive devices,our company has successfully developed a miniaturization attenuator with 40G and 50G as well as the high precision attenuator with 67G,40G subminiature attenuator,high-power replaceable high-frequency attenuator,ect. They are all with high performance reach or exceed the international advanced level,and are well received by domestic and foreign customers. In 2017,we had two more high frequency power amplifiers,which can simulate the device state of maximum 2000W from 1.8~18GHz in various environments,so as to provide qualified products with higher performance for different customers.

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